Save up to $13,000 on new Electric Cars in

Save up to $13,000

In California’s San Joaquin Valley, the deals just keep comin’.  Thanks to the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District, residents of the central valley in California can get up to $13,000 off any qualifying electric vehicles.  Examples of qualifying EVs include:

  • Mitsubishi i-Miev – (Retail: $28,700)  after rebate: $15,700
  • Nissan Leaf – (Retail: $32,700) after rebate: $19,700
  • Ford Focus EV – (Retail: $39,200) after rebate: $36,200
  • Tesla Model S – (Retail: $57,000) after rebate:  $44,000
Although the Tesla Model is price is not reduced as significantly as the others, it is still more than 20% off the base price.  In my lifetime I’ve never seen deals as lucrative as these.  California is pushing very hard to reduce emissions. Hopefully, soon we will see similar incentives for fleet and semi-trucks.
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