Solution to Range Anxiety: eBuggy


Although not a new concept, it’s great to see the idea back in the market.

In the early 1990’s AC Propulsion built a generator trailer for their prototype TZero, the same concept as the eBuggy itself.  However, the distinction here is that eBuggy plans to provide the trailer as a publicly accessible utility.

eBuggy proposes that stations with trailers will be available at rest stops on the highway that will be rent-able for the duration of your use of the highway, to be returned at another station near  your destination.

I appreciate this idea, but I am concerned that it will be a niche idea.  Possibly this will be brilliant and quite used in Germany (where it is being developed) and Europe.  In the United States it could be usable for EV enthusiasts, but I doubt that the general public will find it attractive.  Nevertheless it’s a great in-between idea until batteries increase in capacity and decrease in time-to-recharge

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