Speculation: Sodium-ion batteries to increase range of EVs


It’s long been known (at least to some) that when a corporation wants to generate future potential, they will let fly with their hopes in leaks and upper-brass comments.  Toyota is “talking” about work with Sodium-Ion batteries.  This does not mean that in a few weeks they will be releasing vehicles that immediately have 30% increased range.  It means that they may have made a break-through or have a partner that has and are in the process of developing with the hopes that it will improve range performance by 30%.

Speculation per AutoBlogGreen, the inspiration for this blog post, reported that the new battery type is very small and adds little weight but a great deal of capacity to the batteries.  Presuming this is all true we may be seeing an increase of range over lithium-ion up to 600 miles.  But the reality is that it will not likely see actual practical market use for upwards of 5 years (if the money shows up).

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