Fiat 500e w / Video

The Truth About Cars

The latest EV to the low-end side of the market, the Fiat 500e which has the appeal of not looking at all like an EV.  Without the rather tiny EV badges and rather odd-looking golfball patterns on the front and rear of the body, you might never know it was electric.

If you’re those who thought that the Fiat 500 was cool or cute, then the 500e will not disappoint.  But it may be important to note that you will be paying a particular premium (before tax credits and discounts), the 500e costs nearly twice that of the gasoline version. The gasoline base price starts at $16,750 whereas the electric starts at $32,500.

One of the most impressive distinctions between the gasoline and electric versions of the 500 is that the electric is actually more powerful and quite a bit faster in the 0-60 MPH trial than the gasoline.  However, as is the case with 90% of electric vehicles on the market today, the 500e has a very limited range and is still best used for daily commuting or city driving.

Although electric cars have neither the price nor the expected range of the typical family sedan, they are making strides into the market and may soon be comparable.

Below is an impressive video from “The Truth About Cars”, offering a very thorough review of the Fiant 500e. The speaker explains some key points about fueling the 500e and gives some very helpful, personal experience points about the vehicle.