Competition in the EV Trailer Market

French Made EV Trailer

It seems that the concept of a generator trailer is growing in the electric vehicle market.  EP Tender, a French company has developed a tiny trailer that contains a generator.  The generator can extend the range of current electric vehicles up to three times.  The idea is not intended as a permanent solution, but like the eBuggy to only be used for longer distances.

Some people might balk at this saying that it to attach a gas-powered generator to the back of an electric vehicle is defeating the purpose of the electric vehicle.  And that would likely true if the trailer were used 100% of the time that the EV is driven.  In fact, in the case of this generator it would be worse as the motor is unregulated like a motorcycle engine.  But if the generator is only used when the driver is aware that the vehicle will need to go beyond it’s normal range, then the practicality is still real.

German-made EV Trailer

The aforementioned eBuggy is has been working on a similar idea in Germany for the last several years.  The concept is strikingly similar in that electric vehicle owners would not own the towables, but rather rent them when using highways between cities.  It’s not clear as to where the EP Tender would be available between uses, but the eBuggy design would have a depot.

AC Propulsion

It hasn’t really been since the early 1990’s and the T-Zero by AC Propulsion that anyone has set this much though to making a generator trailer for an electric car. But I’m all for it, until batteries get more capacious and cheaper.