You can get your hand stuck in the Tesla Model S door handle (w/ Video)

Tesla Model S

From personal experience I know that this is possible, although unlikely.  But just to prove a point the Managing Editor of (Donna DeRosa) created a video of how possible it is to get your hand stuck in the Tesla Model S door handle.  In my experience it wasn’t as problematic as it might seem from the video.

When the President of the Electric Auto Association let me check out his Model S, after the January meeting at the Google Plex in Mountain View, CA, I discovered just as Donna DeRosa did, that you can get your hand stuck.  However in my experience the owner of the vehicle was already rolling the vehicle a bit to make me feel “loved”.  The engineers are Tesla are quite aware that their design is somewhat unconventional, but they’re intelligent enough to make a device that would not crush the hand of an owner of a $100k vehicle.

If you wish to test the theory, just as I and Donna DeRosa did, you too can feel the slight pressure of being caught in door handle of the world’s coolest electric car.  But you won’t get stuck unless you have the strength of Montgomery Burns. (“Smithers, crush this paper cup for me”)