Frito Lay and Smith Electric

Smith Electric

I can honestly say that I was not aware that Frito-Lay had become a customer of Smith Electric until today.  While driving to work in my Smart ED, I noticed a strange visual on the back of a Frito-Lay delivery truck.  The image was of an electric socket; a strange thing to see on the back of a snack foods delivery vehicle.  But it did not fool me, rather clued to me that I should look to see if Frito-Lay had partnered with Smith.

According to the press-release for PepsiCo’s Frito-Lay North America division nearly 300 Smith Electric trucks have been deployed from 2010 until  2013.   The release estimates that they will save nearly 600,000 gallons of fuel annually with these few vehicles.

In August [2013], Frito-Lay reached a milestone of three million all-electric miles driven.