Dual-Carbon Battery promises the Future

Dual-Carbon Battery

In what appears to be an announcement out of the blue, Japan Power Plus has rocked the battery market with the dual-carbon battery.  Although there are no demonstrations yet of the capabilities of the dual-carbon battery, the claims are impressive.

As noted in the name, the dual-carbon battery uses two nodes of carbon, one for the positive and another for the negative.  Rather than transferring energy from one node to the other, it is transferred to both.  At it’s most basic the claims of this version of the dual-carbon battery are as follows…

  • Non-volatile (won’t explode)
  • Non-thermal (doesn’t get hot)
  • Plentiful materials (Carbon is easy to come by)
  • Extremely fast charging (20 x faster than Lithium)
  • High number of cycles (3000  or more)

The discovery of the use of sand to make silicon was a fortunate find.  Could the dual-carbon battery be a find of that level?  Promising the same energy, longer life, safer, and the capacity to be recycled, could pull many of the complaints from the table.   Not to mention the use of one of the most common elements in the period table.  If true it could be the a Nikola Tesla-scale idea.

Source: GreenCarReports