Tesla P85D Launch Reactions

Tesla P85D Launch Reactions 01

Tesla P85D Launch Reactions

Although DragTimes has been launching dozens of cars for many years, it is only when they begin to launch people in the passenger seat of the Tesla P85D when they begin to see the reactions that they have longed for.   The attached video has a collection of 6 peoples Tesla P85D launch reactions that beg the question, is this a street car or a rail-gun?

It’s not far off from the very same reaction that I got when test riding in the Tesla Roadster, but the Model S P85D is a much heavier, much larger vehicle.  This just goes to show the torque supremacy of the electric motor over the internal combustion engine.  But rather than show it with numbers and arguing, we get a thrill ride video.

Note how serene and quiet Brooks is in the driver seat.  And yet, he’s still just as thrilled as a kid in his first sports car.  He’s living vicariously though his passengers each time they freak out, his smile grows.

This video has been up for a week and it has grossed over 3 million views (there are actually two videos, each with 3m+).  The next most popular video on their YouTube page is over 2 years old and still does not have 1m views.  If this doesn’t get people’s attention, I don’t know what will.