300 Mile Nissan Leaf?

The 300 Mile Nissan Leaf

In disbelief you read the title, likely thinking, “No, it was a type-o.”  But you’d be wrong.  Nissan announced to an exclusive party of reporters and guests last Friday the future of the Nissan Leaf.  Not merely with a drastically improved range, but improved charging times and autonomy.

The second generation of the Nissan Leaf (not the 2016, that’s 1.5), will have not just double the first generations’ battery, but the middle; going from 30 kWh to 60 kWh.  Many Leaf drivers get at least 4 kWh / mile, but it is entirely possible to score 5+ kWh / mile putting this new generation into the range of 300 miles per full charge.  And seeing that the Leaf is a bit lighter than the Tesla S, it’s obvious why the efficiency works to it’s advantage.

Nissan seemed all too excited to demonstrate that the new battery technology, known as NMC or Nickle-Mangan-Cobalt.  It appears to be a conjoined operation between LG Chem and Nissan to produce this super battery. But most EV drivers will take what they can get when it comes to improved range, outside the price-range of a Tesla S.

Additionally, this new Leaf will sport autonomous driving, likely updated OTA like the Tesla models. Any owner of a higher-end Nissan of just about any model can attest to the nifty bird-eye view of the vehicle when maneuvering for parking.  This concept will be enhanced with a 360-degree RADAR system surrounding the vehicle

We can expect to see this new model and its features sometime in 2018. And it can’t come too soon.  Once it becomes apparent that driving electric (and autonomously), we may see a very large swing toward it.  Efficiency, range, acceleration, maintenance, and quietness are all benefits of the electric car.  Not to mention raw power and torque that almost no internal combustion engine can muster.