Brother to the White Zombie, Black Zombie 222


The White Zombie is the brainchild of John Wayland, who has been working on and building electric vehicles for the purpose of drag racing for nearly 20 years. But Mitch Medford is the insane genius whose idealism has brought Wayland’s creation to the rest of us with the Black Zombie 222.

Bloodshed motors out of Austin, Texas brings the Black Zombie to the market, not merely as a lightning-fast hot-rod for drag racing, but an obtainable, street-worthy-demon of the asphalt. With dual electric motors, totaling 800+ HP, 1800 ft-lbs of torque, pushing 0-60 in < 2 seconds and a top speed of 174, little else compares.

But since you’re probably wondering about the power train?  If you know the specs of a Tesla Model S P90 D, then you know that they are similar to the Black Zombie 222 (image below).  But the power train specs on the Zombie are better and you’re getting it in a legendary sports car. The Black Zombie will run you about $125k, whereas the S P90 D will run you, base model, $118k.

Zombie 222 Vs Tesla S

Medford and crew, having hit nearly 175 MPH in the Texas Mile are shooting to break 200 mph and the record for the fastest street legal electric vehicle.  Keep up with Mitch and Bloodshed on their Facebook page.  And if you’re in the market for a classic car that’s faster than ever before, check out the Zombie222

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