World’s Fastest Electric Car

You may think your internal combustion engine vehicle can kick up some dust, but the Drayson Racing electric car just topped 200 MPH to smash the previous record (175 MPH).

The FIA, as it’s called, has an 850 HP electric motor in a 1000 kg vehicle.  Lord Paul Drayson believes that this breakthrough will lead one day (hopefully soon) when electric vehicles can run in an F1 circuit.

It’s really quite incredible to see the vehicle ripping down the runway with little more than the hum of what sounds like an RC car motor. The official average speed after two runs in less than 1 hour was 204.185

Attack of the Electric Kei Cars

Electric Kei Cars

Although the Nissan Leaf doesn’t fit this spec, it’s still in the vicinity of the slew of tiny electric vehicles hitting the market between 2012 and 2016.  Kia is now making plans to release the Kia Soul as an EV in 2014, Smart has just released the Smart ED, as of this month.  Toyota released the Scion iQ EV in very limited quantities (pretty much on-demand only) just a few months ago. The Mitsubishi i-Miev came to market at the end of 2012.  And the Chevy Spark is set to debut any time now.

While none of these vehicles had great range, the purpose doesn’t seem to fit that ideal.  If it hasn’t been rehashed enough already, the average vehicle owner in the US drives no more than 30 miles per day.  All these tiny vehicles have at least a 60 mile range and can be recharged in more than 10,000 official locations in the US (not to mention that being electric they can be charged from just about any electrical socket in any building anywhere).

Thankfully, the prices are continuing to drop and with the US Federal rebate of $7,500 the effective price is much lower. Yet not available, the Kia Soul EV is also said to be priced a bit higher than other vehicles of similar size at $35k.  The Nissan Leaf, clobbered its starting price last year from $33,600 to $28,800 and will lease for $199. The Chevy Spark is set just under the recently reduced price of the Nissan Leaf, at $27,495 or  lease for $199 per month.  The Smart ED is sitting at the bottom of the barrel with a measly $25,000 starting price and potentially even lower if you lease the battery pack (knocking the price down to $20k).  For now it is not known what the Scion iQ EV will be priced at, but this is not so strange as Toyota received so much negative feedback from dealerships over the vehicle, that it will only be available for lease.

Realistically, it hasn’t been all that long since electric cars have become widely available.  In the last four years at least 10 manufacturers have, if not promised to, release EVs to the market. The prices just keep getting more reasonable.  And if you can deal with the differences, you could have quite a good vehicle.

Fisker’s Karma is Diminishing


It’s so sad to see a nice car go to waste.  Through a relentless string of what would seem like very bad fortune, Fisker’s Karma is diminishing rapidly.  After the loss of several hundred vehicles in the New York Hurricane Sandy disaster, the inability to regain the insurance on the loss, and now the departure of its Namesake and Founder, it would seem nothing else could go wrong?

Alas, the value of the Fisker Karma on the market is plummeting.  Current owners wary of whether service and repair will be available for the valuable asset, are dumping them quickly in an attempt to recoup some of the cost of the $100k+ vehicle. Although only 2500 Karmas were made at least 100 are listed via as of the writing of this article.    At a bare minimum, you’re look at $57,900 for a Silver Karma EcoChic with 16k miles.

It sounds tempting, but I’d still rather have a Tesla. Would you buy a Fisker Karma at $50k?

Consumer Reports proclaims Tesla Model S: BEST CAR EVER

Model S via Consumer Reports BEST CAR EVER

It is not difficult to see how the researchers at Consumer Reports came to the conclusion that the Tesla Model S is one of the best cars ever.  The Model S has style, performance, and high tech.  Built from the ground up to be electric, rather than converted from the concept of internal combustion, the Tesla Model S, has cleared the bar and raised it.

Consumer Reports can’t say enough about how amazing the Model S is.  The vehicle has the style of a luxury car, but the performance of a sports car.  It has more room than most luxury cars and more pep than most sports cars.  It sports more tech than any other car on the road and does it with purely simplistic design.  No other vehicle in Consumer Reports review list over the years has scored higher than the 99 / 100 of the Tesla Model S.

But the features don’t stop there.  Unlike nearly every other electric vehicle, the Model S has a reasonable range and due to Tesla’s forward-thinking there are Super Charging stations scatter across the U.S. for a quick recharge.  The center console and dash display are entirely digital touchscreens that control every aspect of the vehicle, while simultaneously providing entertainment, internet access, and navigation. The headlights, taillights, and really all the lights in the vehicle are LED, if not a screen.

For being a somewhat small company, it would seem that there’s not much we can’t expect from the Engineering minds of Silicon Valley.  I’m still waiting on teleportation.

Will you be purchasing a Model S?

The Coolest Electric Car

Coolest Electric Car

No doubt about it, Tesla is rocking the automobile industry with a solid example of a luxury electric car.  I am absolutely a fan without the money yet to purchase one, but that wont stop me from reading / watching every review I can find on it.  I’m almost offended by the regular reference to the accelerator as “the gas”.

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