A stunning plan by VW: 235-MPG affordable sedan


Is this the real life, or is this just fantasy… to borrow a line from another European.

Like the apparent mistaken beliefs that U.S. Society seems to hold over the electric vehicle, the same goes for diesel vehicles.  VW and BMW have been working over the last decade to replace these misconceptions with the perks of diesel.

Diesel vehicles can be quite a bit more efficient than the gasoline equivalent.  Take for example the VW Golf or Passat.  Everything about the vehicle is identical, save for the engine and thus the price (by roughly $2000)

The VW XL1 promises 235 miles per gallon via the use of a 2-cylinder Turbo Diesel combined with a small electric motor and lithium ion battery pack.  I have to admit I look forward to seeing it in action and speculating on the amazing travel distances available with minimal refueling.

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Tesla Model S vs. BMW M5

Tesla Model S vs. BMW M5

It’s certainly a close call.

The Tesla Model S may weigh a good bit more than the BMW M5, but it’s hard to beat 440 ft-lbs of torque at 0 MPH.  Most electric vehicles will beat just about any other gasoline-powered vehicle off the line. As an example, my pathetic Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV) would beat any other sedan across the street from a stop light, but its top speed was 40 MPH.  Still, it’s great to see an electric car best a gasoline car in something that it was designed to do.

Is 1.21 Gigawatts enough to drive DeLorean back to the Market?


It’s not Back to the Future: part 4, but it does involve the featured car from the film series.  The DeLorean Motor Company, or rather what remains of it, has been gearing up to re-release the DMC-12 Delorean as an electric vehicle.

Although the prototype is fitted with a DC-motor and is capable of 70 -100 miles range, the owner/ CEO Steve Wynne says that they next model will have an AC-motor and achieve at least 100 miles range.  DMC expects to bring the iconic car back to the market in 2013 for $90,000